You want a relaxed and unforgettable enrollment party? Back to school 2024 at the Eventlocation amSee is just the thing for you! We take care of everything you need for a great party with your family – and you can focus on celebrating. Curious? In the following article we will tell you more.

Back to school 2024: Relaxed celebration at an all-inclusive price

The next big adventure begins: Your child is starting school! To celebrate this milestone in a fitting way, the team of the Eventlocation amSee has been organizing a big enrollment party with delicious food, games & fun on enrollment day for several years now. In 2024, the big party will take place on Saturday, August 3, 2024, probably between 11:30 am and 6:00 pm*. Registration for this is now open (see below). Our back-to-school package is an all-round carefree package for all families who want to celebrate the start of school without any stress. Here’s what we have to offer for the start of school in 2024:

  • several buffet lines with delicious dishes and desserts for our small and big guests
  • Welcome champagne for the adults
  • fruity colorful children cocktails
  • Coffee & cake specialties
  • Drinks and cool refreshments**
  • for romping a large bouncy castle
  • professional make up for children
  • Surprise act

At our 2024 back-to-school event, each family sits in its own seating area. So you have your own area despite many guests.

Standard & Premium: All about our packages

At the 2024 Back to School atLake, you have a choice of two areas. The standard area is located at ground level on the large, landscaped outdoor terrace of the location and extends to the summer garden on the ship. You sit under the open sky – but still absolutely weatherproof. Large awnings and pavilions guarantee carefree celebrations. The premium area, on the other hand, is located on the upper deck of the ship and offers seating both indoors and in the covered outdoor area. This is what the different packages include:

Standard package

99 € incl. VAT p.p.***

Premium Package

119 € incl. VAT p.p.***

Please note that there is only a limited number of seats available on the upper deck. Depending on the occupancy rate, several families will have access to the upper deck.

Optional additional offers:

You want professional photos of this special day? For back to school 2024 we offer you different photo packages. You will receive the photos via a download link after the event.

Photo package “Back to school” 149 € incl. VAT (109 € incl. VAT when booking until 31.08.2023):
A professional photographer will take several shots of you and your guests during your enrollment party.

Photo package “Group photo” 59 € incl. VAT:
At set times, we offer you the opportunity to have three high-quality group photos taken of the whole family.

Photo package “School child” 59 € incl. VAT:
In front of a separate photo wall with a matching motif for the start of school, our photographer will take four photos of your newcomer. This will give you the perfect memento of your child’s enrollment!

Important notes

Our all-inclusive price already includes all costs for food, drinks, coffee & cake and entertainment. School beginners and children up to and including 3 years of age pay nothing**, of course. However, please remember to provide appropriate proof (for example, school registration or children’s passport or birth certificate).

Our 2024 back-to-school event is scheduled to end at 6 p.m.*. But that doesn’t mean we send you home. You are welcome to end the celebration in a relaxed way in our summer garden (costs for food and drinks after 6 p.m. are not included in the package rates).

Would you like to celebrate your child’s start of school with us? Then you can send us your non-binding inquiry right here:

School start 2024: How to secure your places

Reserve your places now for the 2024 back-to-school atLake***. Please fill out the following form.****

Schulanfänger feiern kostenlos mit.
Kleinkinder feiern kostenlos mit.
Gern berücksichtigen wir dies bei der Planung der Sitzplätze.

* We reserve the right to change the event time (start & end) if external circumstances make this necessary.
** The following drinks are included: water, juices, soft drinks and other soft drinks and for adults beer, wine and sparkling wine. Alcoholic cocktails, long drinks and spirits are charged according to consumption on site.
***Participation is free of charge for children starting school and children up to the age of 3 (please have proof of participation ready).
**** Please note: With your reservation request you do not enter into a binding booking. The contract with the Eventlocation amSee comes into effect only after a written confirmation on our part and the receipt of the deposit to our account.


In our FAQ you can learn more about the location and get answers to the most important questions about the event location amSee.