Experience our location interactively

amSee: our 360° tour

How to navigate through the 360° tour

You have several options to move through the amSee 360° tour. Either you discover the object step by step by freely navigating through the different areas. Or you can use the menu at the top left to “jump” directly to selected areas such as the winter garden, the upper deck or the lounge. By clicking on an info point (recognizable by the orange circle on a black background) you will receive further information about the object shown.

Use on the desktop:
Just click in the tour to get to the desired point. Scroll back and forth with the mouse to zoom in on views or return to the original view. Hold down the mouse while moving it to change your viewing direction.

Use on smartphone/tablet:
Tap on a desired location to get there. Drag the view open and closed with two fingers to zoom in and then zoom out. Move your finger over the view to rotate in the location.

More info about the location

The amSee 360° tour has made you curious? You can find more information about the location, parking facilities etc. on the subpage Information about the location.