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Kulkwitzer Lake recreation area

Kulkwitzer See recreation area: the most important facts

Water sports, swimming fun and much more

Lake Kulkwitz is one of the most popular lakes in the Leipzig region and in the Leipzig Neuseenland. Not only that, but thanks to its excellent visibility underwater, it is also one of the most important diving waters in the whole of Europe. Learn more about the direct neighborhood of the Eventlocation amSee here :

The Kulkwitzer See recreation area is a small but beautiful oasis on the western outskirts of Leipzig. The lake that gives it its name was created between 1963 and 1973 from a former open-cast lignite mine. This makes Lake Kulkwitz one of the first open-cast lakes in the Leipziger Neuseenland. The official opening of the recreation area took place in 1973. 

The Kulki, as it is affectionately called by its fans, offers you excellent bathing water quality (according to the EU Bathing Water Directive) and lots of greenery. It is one of the best diving lakes in Germany, in which, in addition to a chapel, an airplane and scaffolding have been sunk as an underwater attraction for divers. It is also considered one of the cleanest lakes around. The connection to Leipzig’s city center via bus, streetcar and S-Bahn is also excellent.

In the recreation area Kulkwitzer See you can do much more than just swimming. The lake is especially a paradise for divers, because it offers a very good visibility under water. There are three diving entrances, some with underwater platforms, from which you can explore the lake, its animal inhabitants and sunken diving objects. On the north shore of the lake, on the other hand, you can try your hand at wakeboarding at the water ski facility. Or how about a relaxing boat trip? You can get your sailboat, canoe or even pedal boat at the boat rental on the eastern shore of Kulki.

But not only the lake itself invites to a lot of fun. The surrounding forests are ideal for relaxing walks and bike rides. Climbing artists are in good hands in the high ropes course on the eastern shore. On the Markranstadt side of the lake is also the Meri Sauna Wellnessoase and invites you to sweat.

Not far from the event location on the lake on the eastern shore, on a small peninsula, the idyllic vacation resort Kulkwitzer See welcomes overnight guests. Here you can find among others Finn cabins, Swedish houses and bungalows. There is also a campsite for short and long term campers. Those who prefer to stay in a hotel will find a wide range of accommodation in Markranstädt and of course in Leipzig – from budget hotels to luxury hostels.

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