Anyone who has passed by our event location amSee in the last few weeks has certainly noticed: our renovation has been progressing with giant steps. What all has been modernized and what our event guests can look forward to from now on, we reveal in this article.

Conversion with challenges

As if a comprehensive venue conversion in Corona times wasn’t difficult enough, we were dealing with a very special building fabric. Those who already know us, know that the event location amSee is located in a decommissioned barge. That means 100-year-old ship steel and plenty of other challenges. However, this should not stop us from turning our ship to the left for once.

New floors ...

Until now, a tile floor welcomed our guests in the winter garden and the lower level. It came from grey times before and did not fit at all to the rest of the event location. However, in order to give the floor a high-end look, everything had to go out of the first floor first – and we really mean everything! Not only the furniture, but also all the fixtures that reach the floor. Then the new floor was poured in concrete look. The enormous effort was worth it, because the difference from before is really impressive.

... and a completely changed winter garden

The winter garden has undergone major changes. The most noticeable of these is certainly our new central bar on the wall facing the hull. To do this, a new passageway to the kitchen first had to be created – no small feat with a steel structure that is over 100 years old. The wall next to the new passageway was not only re-clad – on this occasion we also integrated recessed shelves with lighting and built a large bar in front of it. We are completely thrilled with the result and the first feedback from our guests proves us right. The new bar is a great central hub for excellent wines, refreshing drinks and cocktails.
amSee-Wintergarten_2019 amSee-Wintergarten_2022-02
In addition, the conservatory received new lighting elements that can be individually controlled and thus illuminate the room in the corporate colors of our customers, for example. In addition, there are new handmade benches above the heater on the large window front. Here our guests can now relax with a drink and watch the sunset at Kulkwitzer See. Incidentally, the old platform next to the passageway to the lounge was also removed to create a continuous ground-level event and dance floor. We think the new conservatory is just fantastic and hope you will enjoy it too.

Even more remodeling indoor and outdoor

Of course, the renovation of the location did not only take place in the winter garden, but also in many other areas in front of and behind the scenes. For example, a handmade new wardrobe has moved into the hull with plenty of room for jackets and coats. Our preparation kitchen in the rear has also been remodeled once again in recent weeks and months and supplemented with new inventory. This means that our caterers and service staff will now find even better conditions for catering to the physical well-being of our guests.

The outdoor area of our event location has also been diligently built in recent weeks. The old half-height wall that surrounded our patio was getting on in years. It was removed in recent weeks and replaced with a slightly taller steel-reinforced concrete wall. Along with new plants, lighting and flex tents, our bow terrace now offers an even more beautiful look and plenty of comfort for the next events.

We are thrilled with the new look of our event location and are looking forward to the next events. You would also like to celebrate with us? Here you can quickly and easily submit your request:

Finally, the most important thing: We would like to thank all the craftsmen and helpers who have tirelessly assisted us with our conversion over the past few months. You are simply the best!